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Co-Leader  ~  Core D: Sleep Assessment and Resources
Professor of Psychiatry, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
Director, Clinical Neuroscience Research Center 
Medical Director, Sleep and Chronobiology Program 
Phone: 412-246-6413 
Fax: 412-246-5300
Assistant: Melissa Shablesky-Cade, 412-246-6451

Research Program
Dr. Buysse's research interests focus on insomnia, sleep in aging, and sleep in
psychiatric disorders, particularly sleep in depression.  This work includes the assessment,
diagnostic reliability, and pharmacologic treatment of insomnia; circadian aspects of
age-related sleep changes; and sleep correlates of treatment outcome in depression.
His research has been supported by grants from the National Institute of Mental Health,
the National Institute of Aging, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration,
and the MacArthur Foundation.

. Leadership Positions and Honors
Member of the Board of Directors of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM)
Currently a member of the American Psychiatric Association (APA),
Sleep Research Society (SRS), American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM),
and the American Medical Association (AMA)
Dr. Buysse recently received the Nathaniel Kleitman Distinguished Service Award
through the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM)

Representative Publications
Levitt H, Wood A, Moul D et al.  A pilot study of subjective daytime alertness and
mood in insomnia patients using Ecological Momentary Assessment. Behav Sleep
Med 2(2):113-131, 2004.View Adobe .pdf File . . .
Nofzinger EA, Buysse DJ, Germain A, Price JC, Miewald JM, Kupfer DJ.
Functional neuroimaging evidence for hyperarousal in insomnia.
Am J Psychiatry 161(11) :2126-2131, 2004.View Adobe .pdf File . . .
Germain A, Nofzinger EA, Kupfer DJ, Buysse DJ.  Neurobiology of non-REM sleep in
depression: Further evidence for hypofrontality and thalamic dysregulation.
Am J Psychiatry 161(10):1856-1863,2004.View Adobe .pdf File . . .
Buysse DJ, Nofzinger EA, Germain A et al. Regional brain glucose metabolism
during morning and evening wakefulness in humans: Preliminary findings.
Sleep 27(7):1245-1254,2004.View Adobe .pdf File . . .
Hasler G, Buysse DJ, Klaghofer R et al. The association between short sleep duration
and obesity in young adults: a 13-year prospective study.
Sleep 27(4):661-666, 2004.View Adobe .pdf File . . .
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