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Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Psychology
Department of Psychiatry
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic

Phone: 412-647-0703
Fax: 412-647-2429

Research Program
Dr. Levine’s research concerns the relationships among mood, weight and health behaviors.
Currently, she is conducting a longitudinal study investigating the role of mood and weight
concerns in relapses to smoking during the postpartum period and a study of treatment for
postpartum women smokers.  In addition, she is involved in research on obesity including
the prevention of weight gain among young women and the treatment of pediatric obesity.
Leadership Positions and Honors
Cardiovascular Behavioral Medicine Training Fellowship, National Institutes of Health, 1992-1995
Graduate Student Researcher Award, Association for the Advancement of Behavior Therapy,
Obesity and Eating Disorders Special Interest Group, 1995
Clinical Psychology Intern Award, Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic, 1999

Representative Publications 
Levine MD, Perkins KA, Marcus MD: The characteristics of women smokers concerned
about postcessation weight gain.  Addictive Behav 26:749-756, 2001.View Adobe .pdf File . . .
Levine MD, Marcus MD, Perkins KA:  A history of depression and smoking cessation
outcomes among women concerned about postcessation weight gain.  Nicotine Tobacco
Res 5: 69-76, 2003.View Adobe .pdf File . . .
Levine MD, Marcus MD:  Do changes in mood and concerns about weight relate to smoking
relapse in the postpartum period?  Arch Women’s Ment Health 7:155-166, 2004.View Adobe .pdf File . . .
Levine MD, Ringham RM, Kalarchian MA, Wisniewski L, Marcus MD:   Overeating among
seriously overweight children seeking treatment: Results of the Children’s Eating Disorder
Examination.  Int J Eating Disorders 39:135-140, 2006.View Adobe .pdf File . . .
Levine MD, Marcus MD, Kalarchian MA, Weissfeld L, Qin L:  Weight concerns
affect motivation to remain abstinent from smoking postpartum. Ann Behav Med
32:147-153, 2006.View Adobe .pdf File . . .
Click here to listen to this presentation . . . "Smoking Cessation in Women" ~ June 6, 2007 (Summer Institute)
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