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Leader ~ Health Behavior Assessment Core
Professor of Psychiatry and Psychology
Chief, Behavioral Medicine and Eating Disorders, WPIC
Co-Director, WPIC Psychology Internship Program,
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
Phone: 412-246-6371
Fax: 412-246-6370
Assistant: Katie Dempsey, 412-246-6387

Research Program
Dr Marcusí work focuses on the development and evaluation of lifestyle and psychotherapeutic
interventions for obesity and eating disorders, with a special emphasis on the relationship among
mood, weight status and eating behavior. Her current research focuses in particular on the
prevention and treatment of pediatric obesity.
Leadership Positions and Honors
Academy for Eating Disorders Leadership Award
Clinical Psychology of Women's Mentoring Award,
Section IV, Division 12, American Psychological Association
President Elect, Eating Disorders Research Society
Past President, Academy for Eating Disorders
Editorial Board, International Journal of Eating Disorders

Representative Publications
Marcus MD, Kalarchian MA.  Binge eating in children and adolescents. 
Int J Eat Disord 34 suppl.:S47-S57, 2003. 
Marcus MD, Levine MD, Kalarchian MA, Wisniewski L. 
Treatment of severe pediatric obesity. Cog Behav Practice 10:147-156, 2003. 
Treat TA, Gaskill JA, McCabe EB, Ghinassi FA, Luczak AD, Marcus, MD.
Short-term outcome of psychiatric inpatients with anorexia nervosa in the
current care environment. Int J Eat Disord 38:123-133, 2005. 
Wildes JE, Marcus MD, Fagiolini A. Obesity in patients with bipolar disorder:
a biospychosocial-behavioral model. J Clin Psychiatry 67:904-915, 2006
Click here to listen to this presentation . . . "Pediatric Obesity Interventions" June 7, 2007 (Summer Institute)
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