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Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Psychology
Director, Program in Cognitive Affective Neuroscience (PICAN)
University of Pittsburgh, School of Medicine
Phone: 412-586-9233
Fax: 412-246-5880
Assistant: Agnes Haggerty, 412-586-9246

Research Program
Dr. Siegleís work examines neural and physiological aspects of emotional information
processing in healthy individuals and individuals with mood and anxiety disorders through
behavioral, functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), and peripheral physiological
assessment, as well as computational neural network modeling. These data are used to
inform understanding of mind-body interactions in mood and anxiety disorders as well as to
improve psychosocial treatments, including predicting recovery in therapy, understanding neural
mechanisms of recovery, and developing new neuroscience-derived behavioral treatments.
Leadership Positions and Honors
Co-Leader, Translational Research in Emotion, Neuroscience,
and Development (TREND) group, WPIC
Director of Affective Neuroscience for the Clinical Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory, WPIC
Director of Affective Neuroscience for the Biometrics Research Program, VA Pittsburgh
Member, Executive Committee, Mood Disorders Treatment and Research Program, WPIC
Representative for NIMH at the 10th Anniversary of the Office of Behavioral and
Social Sciences Research, 2006
Sutton Lecturer, New York Psychiatric Institute, 2006
WPIC Junior Faculty Scholar, 2001-2002
Dorothy K. Fricke Award, Voted by Joint Doctoral Program faculty for the graduate
student who made the most significant contribution to the program, 1996
Associate Member, Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society, 1991
National Merit Scholar, 1987

Representative Publications 
Siegle GJ, Steinhauer SR, Thase ME, Stenger VA, Carter CS: Canít shake that feeling: fMRI
assessment of sustained amygdala activity in response to emotional information in depressed
individuals.  Biol Psychiatry 51:693-707, 2002.View Adobe .pdf File . . .
Thayer JF, Siegle GJ: Neurovisceral integration in cardiac and emotional regulation.
IEEE Eng Med Biol 21:24-29, 2002.
Siegle GJ, Steinhauer SR, Carter CS, Ramel W, Thase ME: Do the seconds turn into hours?
Relationships between sustained pupil dilation in response to emotional information and
self-reported rumination. Cogn Ther Res 27:365-383, 2003.View Adobe .pdf File . . .
Siegle GJ, Moore P, Thase ME: Rumination: One construct, many features in healthy
individuals, depressed individuals, and individuals with Lupus. Cogn Ther Res 28:645-668,
2004.View Adobe .pdf File . . .
Siegle GJ, Carter CS, Thase ME:  Use of fMRI to predict recovery from unipolar depression
with cognitive behavior therapy. Am J Psychiatry 163:735-738, 2006.View Adobe .pdf File . . .
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